Your own “Food that will Make You Fat” list

We have all heard of them, the personalized don’t eat any item of this list it’ll make you fat.


Some people who hold degrees in medicine or nutrition will do a blood test or body scan that they derive a personalized list of food that MAKES YOU FAT. There is no such list! There is no machine that tells you what your body cannot process and will thus go to fat.

Nutrition is a science that is applicable to the whole human population since we have similar mechanisms in our bodies (except in some diseases..some mechanisms may be altered). By mechanisms I mean the steps that food takes so that it will be broken down into energy. Energy will either be used/burned (when exercising) or will be stored if you have too much energy and you are not burning enough energy. This is of course the basic theory that people follow to lose, maintain or gain weight.

So now that we have established that no medical test can determine what makes you gain weight I can say that New Zealand researchers have come up with something very exciting to all those struggling with excess weight. They have put together a “NEEDENT” food list or non-essential food list. These items are very high in calories, and very poor in nutrients that are required for our everyday life. Also known as “Energy dense and Nutrient poor”. I would like to stress on the point that vitamins and minerals (are nutrients) and they are needed in every stage of our life, since they play a big role in many mechanisms and help protect from many diseases so they are essential in our every day diet.

“This list of 49 common foods is designed as a therapeutic intervention to be used by health professionals with obese or overweight people wanting to lose weight. It’s aimed at differentiating nutritious foods from those that are just high in calories,” says lead researcher and dietitian Dr Jane Elmslie.

Now again this is inline with my vision that people can manage their own body weight with the right information and motivation.

What I would recommend here is that each person should have a look at the Needent Food List and think about how many times per week (or per day!) they consume the following item, is it replaceable with the suggested item and how can I make this a part of my weekly diet (2 or 3 times per week) rather than a part of my daily diet.

Remember you have all the tools to make yourself healthier, Your Body & Your Mind.
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