Stop draining your energy levels! [Detox Diet Part 2]

We don’t realize it sometimes but certain food patterns can have a large impact on your energy levels. I discussed what to incorporate into your diet to have better energy and more focus. In this post I will discuss the items and behaviors you need to avoid so that you are able to detox your body from these food item’s toxins.

Things not to do:

1. Do not skip breakfast. Make breakfast an obligation not a choice. Even a small meal will do the job. You do not want to start off your day with no fuel after your 8 hour fast/sleep. Have a small sandwich or some cereal with milk and a piece of fruit and that could be sufficient to get you enough energy till your mid day snack.

If you do not have breakfast, your body is still under the impression you are sleeping so your brain won’t work as efficiently as someone who has had breakfast.

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Boost Your Energy Levels through this Detox Diet [Part 1]

We have all heard of detox diets/programs. The way that they are marketed, they seem like a necessity for every person who enjoys a better quality of life and less risk of diseases.


A detox diet is a program that should

  • cleanse your body of toxins
  • promote a healthy intestine
  • provide better brain power and
  • help you maintain high energy levels during your day

Of course most of the marketed detox diets do not do this. As a follow up to Health n’Horizon’s Post I’ll be discussing what a detox diet should be so that we get the effects discussed above and how to implement it in your life.

Identifying a Marketed Detox Diet

Usually these programs will promote some or all of the following:

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An excellent post by Health n’Horizons to which I am writing a follow up post.

Health and Horizons

Detox or detoxification diets are all the craze right now ranging from consuming only water, fruits and vegetables for a few days to drinking only juices for a week or two to ingesting pills, powders and supplements to undergoing colonic cleansing and enemas.

What’s the claim?

Cleanses and detox diets claim that they can rid your body of toxins and chemicals, make you feel more energetic and healthy, help you lose weight and even cure or prevent diseases. Proponents of these diets say that they experience fewer headaches, feel lighter and less bloated and have better complexion.

What’s the truth?

  • Our body is totally capable of ridding itself from toxins through its immune system and various organs such as the skin, lungs, intestines, liver and kidneys.
  • These diets are usually very low in calories ranging from 500 to 1,000 calories which will surely make you lose weight. However, the weight lost is water weight…

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Making food prettier by adding red crushed bugs

I didn’t want to discuss this topic this early in my blog writing, but it seems I have to due to the circulating rumor that Starbucks’s strawberry frappuccino had crushed bugs inside it to give it it’s red color.

Well let me tell YOU something! This ingredient is not something that is only in Starbucks frappuccino!

The food industry will certainly not put “colored with all-natural, organic ground-up red beetles” on the food label.

What is it?

The code name is E120 (on the ingredients list of a food label) and it is considered a “natural” colorant in food…right? Because it is not man made (synthetic). What they do is take a bunch of ladybugs (aka cochineal) and boil them until they obtain this wonderful crimson color. Continue reading

Run for your lives…literally

A lot of people have various symptoms that they describe to me, almost all of which can be solved with exercise. I want to shed some light on how muscle aches, lack of focus and building tension can be relieved with exercise.

Exercise clears your head from the clutter of the day

Both your muscles and brain will get a sweet relief from the activities of the day that are routine actions and move in new ways that gets them happy making them release hormones that make you happy 🙂

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