Run for your lives…literally

A lot of people have various symptoms that they describe to me, almost all of which can be solved with exercise. I want to shed some light on how muscle aches, lack of focus and building tension can be relieved with exercise.

Exercise clears your head from the clutter of the day

Both your muscles and brain will get a sweet relief from the activities of the day that are routine actions and move in new ways that gets them happy making them release hormones that make you happy ūüôā

Isn’t your body the coolest?

It is sad that most people live their unhappy lives unable to fulfill their full potential because they do not fit some exercise into their daily lives. By full potential I mean your body is helping you progress forward rather than pulling you down.

And for some people will have the same effect! Therapy works on a lot of things in your head that need to be solved, but this is not my area. I can say physiologically, your muscles need to extend and contract so that they grow and keep functioning correctly. Your muscles are linked with your brain, so your muscles will tell your brain,

Hey! Finally we are being moved further than reaching for the chips bowl! This is awesome ūüėÄ

Physiologically breaks tension

A lot of the tension we hold we hold in our muscles. This may accumulate and cause more serious muscle aches (and other things I won’t get into). A good exercise program will help you make sure that the tension that resides in the muscle will break away. So here I am not talking about taking a 30 min walk one time and saying

That should remove my stress and tension

To get this effect exercise needs to be a part of the everyday life. This will help make sure that (1) the tension in the muscle is being dealt with as soon as it occurs (2) that it will not accumulate to a unmanageable load and start affecting other body aspects.

In this post I wanted to focus on exercise’s therapeutic effects being a mood lifter and tension¬†reliever. Exercise can make your quality of life so much better, will help prevent/manage diseases and will refresh your mind so that you are more focused on other tasks.

If you are just starting to exercise (the coming warm weather should be very motivating!), start off with something reasonable and within reach then maintain this level. Then you can increase.

For those who have muscle and back aches, flexibility and stretch exercises are especially recommended to help your muscles elongate and shorten which is what breaks down the tense spots. You want to hold the stretch at least 20 seconds and push furthest you can while still feeling comfortable.

Check out these simple exercises to do at your desk and these exercises for relieving lower back muscles.

Remember  it is more important to be consistent on the long run than to train for one month 24/7 and never again.

Run for YOUR life.

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