Recipe! Sticky Dates Brownies

My dear readers, I have been recently motivated by 2 great friends (Paty and Chirstele) to start posting some of my brilliant recipes (oh yes the humbleness!).

I must say, I am very pro using less butter/unhealthy ingredients when making things at home. But I will use them in minimal quantities when the recipe does not work without them.

I do not enjoy a modified dessert that tastes like a diet dessert.

In the end, it has to taste good! My usual judge to the success or failure of a recipe are my nieces and nephews, so I’ll also provide their opinions 🙂 Seeing that these recipes are made using the best ingredients (items available at our homes) I think that sort-of makes it up since there are no trans fats, additives and/or colorants.

Just old fashioned REAL FOOD! Can’t ask for better than that.

I have a lovely and deadly sweet tooth. My easiest fix is fruits (ok! the occasional chocolate as well!) but mainly Continue reading