The lesson of the avocado seeds

My mother and I have been trying to plant an avocado plant for over 2 years with no success. Every avocado bought brought a new hope that its seed would be a good one.  We finally caved in after some 8 unsuccessful attempts (the seed would not root nor crack) and after much research on the topic to figure out what we’ve been doing wrong with no avail.

The other day I was cutting a new avocado when I realized its seed was cracked and it seemed like it was rooting and growing a stem. My mother and I were overjoyed! We immediately planted it in some water 🙂

Finally a cracked seed!

Finally a cracked seed!

Today I was absolutely amazed to see the beautiful stem that we have been waiting so long to see. We have it proudly on display near the kitchen sink and it makes all of us smile when we pass by it!

Beautiful little stem!

Beautiful little stem!

This avocado seed really taught me a lesson. Sometimes you have a goal that you want to achieve in your life. So you do everything you possibly can to achieve it (in this case successfully plant an avocado seed). You try different avocado seeds, different seasons, do your research, change the bowl, change the kind of water in the bowl… nothing works.

Insisting harder does not necessarily get you anywhere. Sometimes you need to give things a rest, sleep it off, enjoy life’s many other aspects. Then when you are preoccupied with the other things SURPRISE you get put on the track to achieving that original goal. Somehow this wait is what gives achieving the goal that utter sweet taste.

So many lessons still to learn, this one roots straight from the avocado seed.

Forgetting yourself in the details

Yes it is right, you have to eat right to get all those vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols … to boost so many aspects of your health and well being.

But don’t forget the basics!

Ask yourself daily;

  • Did you take in enough water?
  • Are you feeling tense? What is the purpose of this tension?
  • Did you eat beyond your “I am full” signal?
  • WHY did you do so? Is this something recurring?

And the big question is.. Continue reading