Stop draining your energy levels! [Detox Diet Part 2]

We don’t realize it sometimes but certain food patterns can have a large impact on your energy levels. I discussed what to incorporate into your diet to have better energy and more focus. In this post I will discuss the items and behaviors you need to avoid so that you are able to detox your body from these food item’s toxins.

Things not to do:

1. Do not skip breakfast. Make breakfast an obligation not a choice. Even a small meal will do the job. You do not want to start off your day with no fuel after your 8 hour fast/sleep. Have a small sandwich or some cereal with milk and a piece of fruit and that could be sufficient to get you enough energy till your mid day snack.

If you do not have breakfast, your body is still under the impression you are sleeping so your brain won’t work as efficiently as someone who has had breakfast.

2. Do not have meals Continue reading

Your own “Food that will Make You Fat” list

We have all heard of them, the personalized don’t eat any item of this list it’ll make you fat.


Some people who hold degrees in medicine or nutrition will do a blood test or body scan that they derive a personalized list of food that MAKES YOU FAT. There is no such list! There is no machine that tells you what your body cannot process and will thus go to fat. Continue reading