Recipe: Clean Chocolate Coconut Boule

For those of you out there who like me are looking to cut down on the added sugar intake without losing the lovely sweetness out there, here is another DATE based recipe YES!

This recipe has gained approval from the ethics board at… no sorry the researcher side always takes a sneak peak. This recipe has been approved by my Continue reading

Recipe: Heathy Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream

Hello lovely friends!

Today I have a super uber treat for all you ice cream-holics. I thank my dear friend and fellow blogger Patricia for the recipe. She made chocolate, strawberry and cashew ice cream. You can find her recipes here. I absolutely love bananas with peanut butter so I decided to whisk it up (with of course) some chocolate! Wow the flavors knock me out.

So this is a healthy chocolate peanut butter ice cream recipe with absolutely no Continue reading