Recipe: Clean Chocolate Coconut Boule

For those of you out there who like me are looking to cut down on the added sugar intake without losing the lovely sweetness out there, here is another DATE based recipe YES!

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Small behavioral changes, big health results?

To achieve anything, you have to take baby steps to get to the finish line. We all get discouraged at some point but really the hardest part is the first step. You need to be assertive, have that will, determination and say I need to do this right now. Before you know it, you would’ve acquired the skills and managed the time to fit in that new habit. It’ll take around 21 days for any new habit to become a part of your long-term lifestyle.

In this post I’ll discuss 3 new studies’ findings on soda, diet soda and short bouts of exercise.

Soda, soda everywhere!

A study published in

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Recipe: Heathy Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream

Hello lovely friends!

Today I have a super uber treat for all you ice cream-holics. I thank my dear friend and fellow blogger Patricia for the recipe. She made chocolate, strawberry and cashew ice cream. You can find her recipes here. I absolutely love bananas with peanut butter so I decided to whisk it up (with of course) some chocolate! Wow the flavors knock me out.

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The lesson of the avocado seeds

My mother and I have been trying to plant an avocado plant for over 2 years with no success. Every avocado bought brought a new hope that its seed would be a good one.  We finally caved in after some 8 unsuccessful attempts (the seed would not root nor crack) and after much research on the topic to figure out what we’ve been doing wrong with no avail.

The other day I was cutting a new avocado when I realized its seed was cracked and it seemed like it was rooting and growing a stem. My mother and I were overjoyed! We immediately planted it in some water 🙂

Finally a cracked seed!

Finally a cracked seed!

Today I was absolutely amazed to see the beautiful stem that we have been waiting so long to see. We have it proudly on display near the kitchen sink and it makes all of us smile when we pass by it!

Beautiful little stem!

Beautiful little stem!

This avocado seed really taught me a lesson. Sometimes you have a goal that you want to achieve in your life. So you do everything you possibly can to achieve it (in this case successfully plant an avocado seed). You try different avocado seeds, different seasons, do your research, change the bowl, change the kind of water in the bowl… nothing works.

Insisting harder does not necessarily get you anywhere. Sometimes you need to give things a rest, sleep it off, enjoy life’s many other aspects. Then when you are preoccupied with the other things SURPRISE you get put on the track to achieving that original goal. Somehow this wait is what gives achieving the goal that utter sweet taste.

So many lessons still to learn, this one roots straight from the avocado seed.

Latest research on protection against cancer, heart disease and the lethal pathogen E. Coli O157:H7

I don’t usually summarize latest research like this, but these 3 findings were must posts on my blog!

The compound in the Mediterranean Diet that makes cancer cells “mortal”

The Mediterranean diet has been taking the hype in recent years with its plentiful health benefits. Latest research from Ohio State University has observed that a Mediterranean diet has a component (apigenin) that puts a “death sentence” on cancer cells. While pharmaceutical drugs target a single molecule, apigenin positively influences many different aspects of the body’s functions (i.e. decreases inflammation) other than stopping cancer cells from remaining “alive”.

Apigenin is found in fruits and vegetables and is richest in parsley,  celery and chamomile tea.

Air and Noise Pollution Increase Cardiovascular Risk

This is particularly an area that hits home for me. I get extremely irritated with all the noise population that occurs in the city. This is magnified since we live across from a school and near a university. So yes the morning and afternoon rush hour is a real nightmare (no sleep!). We patiently wait for summer to get some peace and quiet.

I have always wondered, what would someone with high blood pressure or recovering from a surgery do in this case? The rest they need would not be provided. The  IUF Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Germany looked at both the effect of noise and air pollution on 4238 participants. They were specifically looking at whether this pollution will increase their risk of atherosclerosis (the first stage of heart disease).

After controlling for many variables that are associated with atherosclerosis, the researchers found that air pollution was associated with a 19% higher risk of cardiovascular risk. While nighttime traffic noise pollution increased the risk by 8%.

So try to avoid pollution as much as possible! Perhaps white noise in the background might help when sleeping.

The last study I’ll discuss in this post is Intestinal Bacteria Protects against E. Coli O157:H7

We all have natural bacteria in our intestines which serve many beneficial tasks. An animal study presented in the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology found that the natural bacteria in our intestines can eliminate a toxin that is released by the E. Coli O157:H7 and prevent this toxin’s effects which may include acute renal disease (a form of kidney failure) which can result in death.

Tip of the day: don’t forget to have some probiotic rich yogurt, plenty of fiber (fruits, veggies and whole grains) and drink lots of water.

If your intestine is happy so will you be!